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How to braid your extensions or your own hair to give you a little morning boost.

Create beachy hair while not working very hard at it.

Want to know how to make your hair look like you did something in less than 3 minutes? It only takes a bit of childhood skill and a minute or two.⁣

With extensions in my hair I don’t want to put too much heat on the extension hair or on my own for that matter. I’ve found the perfect way to get a beauty wave in no time.⁣

Basically, it involves braiding your own hair into pig tails. I start up by the eyes other wise you end up with curl in the lower quadrant only and it looks a bit crazy. You can also add dry shampoo the night before or in the morning like I do on the video. I generally forget to do it at night. ⁣

Then in the morning you take out the braid, spray some dry shampoo, wait one minute and then brush through the hair. At the end place some shine to smooth it out. ⁣

Tada, instant beach waves with no effort.

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