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My goal for you to have the best hair that you have always wanted and can have with custom hair color and hair extensions.

Alison on the porch of the salon

Greeting at the Salon

When you arrive I will come greet you in our "living room" and will bring you back to my work space.   My schedule tends to be on time so I will be ready for you because your time is valuable as well.

Our Consultation


 Your prior home work from during the scheduling process will come into play here.  

We'll sit down and chat about everything on that form plus more. We will talk about your hair dreams and worst nightmares, the level of maintenance involved and take a look at some inspiration photos so I can get an idea of the things you do and don't like.

Once I learn what our goal for today's appointment is, I'll walk you through what's obtainable, our gameplan for today and future services, the level of maintenance involved in the look you desire, and how to style and care for your new look at home.

Alison curling hair
Alison, yet again, at Avila beach

The Next Step

Now that we know where we are going, it's time to get started. I include a bond builder to protect, strengthen, and improve the color retention of your hair. We'll record all processes and formulas in our notes so we can recreate all that you love and continue to perfect

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