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Gray Coverage

The Retouch Package $165

Maintain the feeling of your true self served with a convenient, relaxing salon experience.

Maintenance: 4-6 Weeks


This is for you if...

-You have a noticeable, prominent amount of gray hair that you'd like completely covered

-You traditionally get your roots colored on a consistent basis and you're ready to cover them again

-You DO NOT need highlights or lowlights, just your roots covered. (See Retouch & Highlight Package)

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The Retouch & Highlight Package


Enjoy the refreshed, best version of yourself just like how you feel post-vacation.

Maintenance: 6-8 Weeks


This is for you if...

-You need your gray covered but you also want highlights and/or lowlights (or in other words, lighter and/or darker dimensional pieces throughout)

The Blonding Package $250+

Achieve a vibrant, dimensional color that blends grays without the commitment.

Maintenance: 8-12 Weeks



This is for you if...

-Your gray hair is starting to bother you, but you don't feel as if a full coverage color application is necessary, nor do you want to commit to the maintenance of it

-If you feel like your current color is "flat" or "drabby" and you'd like it to be more dimensional and vibrant

-You're comfortable letting some of your natural gray strands shine and sparkle

Crown Care


The Oway Botanicals luxury scalp treatment.  1 hour $135

Maintain the feeling of a very clean scalp and revitalized ends with a relaxing salon experience.

Maintenance: as often as possible


This is for you if...

-if you have scalp issues, including some hair loss

-Your hair is oily or dry

-Need some relaxation

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Malibu Head Lab express scalp care $65

a Quick 30 minute appointment that gets to the problem quickly and you can enjoy the scalp massage.


Maintenance: as needed



This is for you if...

- need to rid you scalp and hair of styling product build up.

-remove oxidized mineral, medications from hair and scalp.

-Followed by the amazing minty miracle repair conditioning treatment.  

-are strapped for time and want to achieve amazing feeling hair and scalp.

Innersense $100 45 minutes

Enjoy healthy hair and scalp

Maintenance: as needed


This is for you if...

-if you want to stimulate blood flow and rebalance scalp.

-clairfy hair

-need help with damaged lengths


Hair Cuts & Styling

Cut, Wash and Style | $85.00 

Wash and Style | $45.00+

Add Ons

Detoxifier | $75.00 +

Olaplex | $35.00

K18 | $35.00


Consultation required.

Consultation | $45.00 for 45 minutes

Sew-In Weft Extensions |

price starts at $825.00

Extension Maintenance

Removal, Reapplication and Style

Skinny Weft| $100.00-$200.00 a month


IBE Beaded Row Extensions

     1 row  $200.00

     2 rows $350.00

     3 rows $395.00

every 6-8 weeks

Tape Reapplication $155.00+

Any Hair Extension Removal | $100.00 per hour

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