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Extensions as part of wedding hair

Do you know the feeling when you want more hair than your genetics gave you? If you are looking for something that can stay in just for the wedding or once they are on your head you want them for the honeymoon, and the work week and the first year of marriage, then check out weft extensions. They give the absolute most coverage and are very light and comfortable. Aly is only wear one row, and it has given her the hair that she has been desiring.

I offer two options for move up. A quick monthly maintenance every 4 weeks and a longer option for reinstalling the same hair every 6-10 weeks. The quick monthly one takes under an hour for one and two rows. The reinstall takes about 3 hours if there are two rows and 1.5 hours for one row. It all depends on your time and budget.

Feel free to reach out for a consultation.


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