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Our Crown Care Scalp Spa will help at any time of the year, not just winter. It will help with dry, dehydrated scalp and hair.

I've always been passionate about mineral treatments that pull all the minerals from our local water system off to brighten up your hair and clear your scalp of the white buildup. I decided we needed more crown care scalp and hair spa options.

I've been creating some Crown Care Scalp Spa experiences to cater to scalp and hair wellness. We never take time for a hair mask to fully do its job on our hair. Our scalp is something that is there when we brush our hair, however often that happens. Once you do a scalp spa, your scalp will never have been clearer and your ends have never been so plump.

Basic scalp spa care ~30 mins

We check out your scalp with a digital scope and see what's happening.

A big shampoo to remove buildup, oxidized minerals, medications and chemicals.

Filled by an amazing miracle repair mask and massage more. We will then recheck with digital scope

scalp and hair with a camera scope to take hair and scalp photos.
scalp and hair with a scope

Innersense Crown Care Relaxing Spa 45 mins

If you love the feel of peppermint, their scalp scrub stimulates your scalp and increases blood flow with gentle exfoliating.  Even if you are too oily this helps your scalp rebalance. 

Followed with a detox hair mask which gently clarifies your hair.  It has charcoal to capture and remove minerals off of your hair. Now we can properly cleanse the hair and finally hydrate the ends.

Tuning fork to the forehead for relaxation
sound with tuning forks for relaxation

Crown Care Scalp Spa experience 1 hour

A relaxing scalp spa experience.  We start by looking in on your scalp with a scalp scope.  Then a scalp oil is applied and massaged in for circulation.  We steam your scalp and use a custom hair mask for your ends and there will continue to be a massage.  There will be a small sound bath for further relaxing.  You scalp will feel revitalized and your hair will be be super conditioned.

Applying oil to the scalp for hydration.
Oil for scalp health

These are available during Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday so it's quieter in the salon for you to fully relax. You can add a blow dry to any of these. It will add to the coat and time. The idea is for you to fully enjoy experience without needing a blow dry after.

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