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3 products to Not use on your hair extensions

dark hair extensions
3 products not to use on your extensions

You want your extensions to last a long time. Sometimes the things that help regular hair will not help your extension hair. The extension hair has gone through many chemical processes and needs to be treated gently. Here are the 3 products you don't want to use on your hair extensions.

  1. Moroccan Oil tends to turn your hair extensions orange. No one wants that unwanted warmth to their hair when you have a nice bright blonde or a nice dark color. Instead use Goldie Locks serum. It smells amazing and is made for extensions.

  2. Olaplex is amazing for regular hair. For extension hair it is a bond building protein and will make the hair dryer. Instead use K-18 which reverses damage and improves the cuticle.

  3. Sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butly Methodxydibenylmethlane). This will absolutely turn your extensions orange. If you are a bright blonde you will notice it, especially the pieces that sit on your chest and around your face. Again, orange/pink is not a great color for bright blondes or any blondes. I do like Sun Bum in a stick for an alternative.

Just watch your ingredients like you do with your food and you should be set. Any questions about what you are using, contact me below.

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